• Still alive... as best I can tell.
  • Bonjour Kristopher
    bonne journée

    • Merci, Jo.
      Bonne journée à toi aussi.

  • You're becomming a serial kiffer now !!!!! :D

    • Zébulon is also a little zebra... messy in a good way ! rather creative and erratic !

    • Though I know nothing of 100 year old French cartoons( :P), I am familiar the name Zebulon as well as it's associated meanings. I was not however, familiar with the expression "et tout azimut". And now I know. Thank you for the lesson, AND the compliment! ^^

  • Bonjour Kriss
    bonne semaine

    • Bonjour, Jo.
      Bonne semaine et une journée agréable à vous aussi.

  • bon dimanche kriss

    • Merci, bon dimanche à toi aussi, Jo.